Destiny: Become Legend


It is upon us. We are mere days away from the release of my most anticipated game of 2014, Destiny. Back in October of 2013 I did a post about Destiny and how it was my most anticipated game for 2014. Well, that hype has only increased over the past 10 months. So, here I sit at work on Saturday September 6th. Two days away from the Monday midnight launch where I will put the Ghost Edition of Destiny into my car and drive home with it buckled into the passenger seat. I plan to do an unboxing video of the coveted Ghost Edition. A truly limited edition of the game, which comes with a replica Ghost that sounds like Peter Dinkledge, sold out only days after it was announced. (Shout out to Crash Gordon who helped me to acquire it) To say I’m excited is an understatement.

We will embark on a journey designed to last for years to come. This is a big undertaking, a 10 year plan with multiple Destiny games involved, according to Activision and Bungie. It is a “Shared World Shooter” with lots of loot, raids, and strikes. So get ready Guardians, grab two of your most trusted friends, form a strike team of three, and prepare to enter the immense world of Destiny this Tuesday, September 9th!

Also this week, the SouthDakotaGamer Podcast will talk about our first days with the game. BagelDogs and Dutchman 2008 will be playing day one on the Xbox One, and we will make sure to take good notes on our first impressions to share with you. This is important¬† because no reviews for the game will be going live before the entire public is able to get their hands on it. Meaning, IGN, Polygon, Game Informer, and sites like them won’t be posting their thoughts until they are able to play right beside us “regular Joe’s.” You can subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes or you can listen to it here at this link. As always, thanks for reading my blog and I’ll see you in Destiny!

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