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The Titanfall Beta began on Wednesday February 12th for some, and was opened to all participants (Xbox One) on Saturday February 15th. I was fortunate enough to get in on Wednesday night, and have played almost each day since, hitting the level 14 cap. I’m sure since Saturday many, many more people have been able to play; each person having their own personal opinion and thoughts on this beta. The following is my opinion, a video of clips I put together, as well as some thoughts from a few gamer friends of mine.

My very first impression of Titanfall is, FAST. The pace is just plain faster than other shooters that I have played. I think that is mostly due to the ability to run on walls and double jump with the jet pack. You can almost get from one side of the map to the other without even touching the ground! It’s crazy. In the beta you have 3 preexisting classes and 3 custom classes that you unlock as you progress to the level 14 maximum.  Each match consists of 6 human players vs 6 other human players. Thrown into the mix are AI controlled grunts and sentinels. Both are ridiculously stupid. They will literally just stand in one spot waiting to be shot. So, why only 6v6 with AI bots running around, and is this good or bad? Here are my thoughts; when you throw Titans into the mix, lumbering around firing rockets at one another there isn’t room for too many more than that. If you had 12 Titans on each team all able to be on the battlefield simultaneously it would be mass chaos. Is “only” 6 human players the right number? I don’t know. Some seem to think that this is supposed to be the next generation of gaming, and to only have 6 on 6 like all the other shooters were able to do last generation is doing gamers a disservice! I don’t work for Respawn nor do I claim to know a whole lot about game development, but I will trust Respawn.

When it comes to weapons there are the standard assault type rifles, smg’s, snipers, and hand guns. The unique weapon is the “smart pistol” that auto locks on targets and kills with one shot. Sounds amazing right? Well, it is, on the grunts anyway, but in order to kill a human player you need to get the lock three times in a row to get the kill. That’s tough to do without being spotted or being killed because the range you need to lock on is up close and personal. The auto spray of an smg works much better.

Finally, we have the namesake, the Titans. Huge monstrous mechs that you, the pilot, can call down from the heavens. At the beginning of each map there is a countdown of sorts for your “Titanfall”. You can shorten that time by completing challenges and killing other pilots or grunts. When you get the ability to call in your Titan, you mark the spot and it comes barreling out of the sky smashing into the ground below. You can then enter your Titan and take over the movement and weapon systems, or you can stay outside of it and use it to guard a specific area, or even follow you as you run on foot. Inside the Titan there are different weapons you can use; the chaingun, 40mm cannon, or rockets. There is also the ability to use a shield of sorts when an enemy Titan is firing at you. Using this ability stops the ammunition fired at you in mid air, all Matrix style, which you can then fire back at your opponent. Moving around as the Titan is not nearly as fast as you can move as the pilot, but as a Titan you have the ability to dash forward a short distance very quickly. They are big mean machines for sure.

I talked to a few gamer friends of mine that were also able to get in on the beta and overall they seemed to think it was great. xCrash Gordon said, “I loved it. Accessible, new and unique.” “I’m more excited than I’ve been for an system moving game ever, and that includes Halo and Gears of War.” exclaims xxMAKIAVELLIxx. And finally Epikkskilzzz proclaims, “I NEED to play more, where’s my needle?!?” I had one other quote, but he just was asking when it came out for PS4…..

Titanfall, releasing for the Xbox One and PC on March 11th and the Xbox 360 on March 25th.

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