SDGamer Podcast #79

Here it is! The last episode in the 70’s. We’ve made it to the 80’s and are amazingly close to our 100th episode! Wow! Who would’ve thought that we could make it this far! For those of you who listen, we are so very grateful for your hlep!

Lots of No Man’s Sky talk this week folks! Josh, Chad, Dave, and special guest Ray discuss the world of video games! Spoilers, it’s a great world! Join us for PlayStation 4 4.0 update talk, FFXV is delayed, the reason we play video games, and GameScoop’s 20 Questions! We have fun, and we think you will too! Thanks for listening!

Here is the audio version of Episode 79:

And the YouTube version, if you want to see our lovely faces!


SDGamer Podcast #75

Seventy-five episodes of video game discussion! Wow! We are excited to get together again to talk about our passion, video games! This week Dave & Josh experience PlayStation VR, we all played some Pokemon GO!, Gamescom is rapidly approaching, there’s a mini NES coming out for Christmas time!!!!!!, what our GOTY for 2016 is so far, and GameScoop’s 20 Questions! Thanks for listening!



Episode 71 – Polygonal

Here is the video version of Episode 71


Here we are again! All the new releases plus, Josh wanted to try PS VR, was he successful? No Man’s Sky can legally use the word “Sky” now…? And will the PS4 NEO be out in 2016? Listen in to your favorite guys talk about these things and more!

Episode 70 – E3 Reaction Show

E3 2016! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Joining us this week is Dave, Josh, Isaac, Chad, and patreon supporter Evan! They discuss their predictions for E3 from a couple weeks ago as well as all the press conferences, and what they thought of all the things they saw! Listen in won’t you? (SKYRIM ya’ll!)


Episode 67 – The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Josh, Dave, & Chad are joined by Isaac this week! We are sorry it has taken a couple extra days to get this to you, but trust us, it’s worth the wait. We talk new releases, the news you can use including Uncharted 4 selling 2.7 million copies in it’s first week, Destiny’s next expansion, and Batman Arkham Edition, also, what we’ve been playing, and GameScoop’s 20 Questions!


SDGamer Podcast #66 – Those People

Josh and Chad talk some video games! Surprise! There was a lot of news to cover this week including Disney Infinity is no more, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy, Pokemon Sun & Moon starters, and so much more! Also, new releases, Chad has fallen for his PS4? And finally, what is our Game of the Year so far for 2016?

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Podcast 62 – Big Deal

Want to win Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End? Listen to this weeks episode to find out how you can! Josh, Dave, and Chad talk the games this week! New Releases, PlayStation Neo, Red Dead Redemption 2, GameStop’s publishing business, Stardew Valley, Final Fantasy Tactics, and our favorite Arcade games. That, plus GameScoop’s 20 Questions! It’s a fun ride, thanks for listening!


Or watch the YouTube version: